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Whole House Water Conditioning

During your conditioning process the SWC-9000 will remove all impurities associated with hard water as well as inhibit bacteria that is known to cause bad odors and tastes. Our solutions allow you to feel and taste the difference. Refreshing crisp water.

With SWC-9000 you will enjoy the clear benefits of...

  • Softer, silkier skin year-round, with less itchiness and scaling

  • Manageable, healthy hair that rinses product more easily

  • Plenty of suds every time you bathe or use cleaning products

  • Fluffy towels and cleaner clothes that look brighter, feel softer and last longer

  • Sparkling dishes and crystal-clear glassware

  • Eliminate unsightly stains and mineral deposits from sinks, tubs and tiles

  • 30% energy savings from a water heater free of hard water scale

  • Fewer repairs to clogged internal parts of water-using appliances

  • Ice cubes that freeze clear and hard for more attractive drinks

  • Plumbing that maintains full water pressure years longer

With Superior Pure+ you will enjoy the clear benefits of...

Pure and Healthy Water for...

  • Drinking

  • Cooking

  • Ice Making

  • Coffee and Tea

  • Food Processing

  • Pets

  • Plants

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